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    Oral and Maxillofacial surgery

    Comprehensiveness, experience, safety.

    • Possibility of complex treatment in one Clinic
    • Complete profile of dental, jaw, oral and maxillofacial surgeries
    • Treatments with the use of partial or general anesthesia
    • operating block – safety of a hospital
    • Single, comfortable operating theatres with personal nurse care
    • experienced medical specialists
    • equipment allowing to perform the most advanced of procedures

    IMPLADENT MEDICAL&DENTAL CLINIC is not only a Clinic but also a hospital with a short-term stay. Thanks to that we grant you the access to surgeries with the use of partial or general anesthesia and a stationary stay. At our disposal we have an operating block with single operating theatres for our Patients and a post-operative personal medical care. We offer you not only the safety of a hospital environment but also intimacy, discretion but also a personal nurse and rooms equipped as well as a comfortable hotel.

    We perform a full spectrum of dental, maxillofacial and implantological surgeries. Medical Specialists are directing their Patients to our clinic to carry out complicated bone or soft tissue transplants or to perform complex implantations.

    We also specialize in extensive malocclusion treatment.

    In order to cure most of the malocclusion cases all it takes is orthodontic treatment. But we can also distinguish the skeletal group which consists of excessive development or underdevelopment of mandible or upper jaw bone, which are the indicators to undertake a surgical-orthodontic procedure. The aim of such a treatment is to enhance the Patient’s looks. Visible jaw disproportion, lateral displacement, bimaxillary protrusion these are the reasons for out Patient’s feeling of discomfort, stress and lack of self-acceptance. Other but no less important reasons are improvement of biting, chewing, swallowing and even speech functions.

    Skeletal defect correction is recommended for the good of overall health. Treating such cases begins with braces in order to prepare the dental arcades so that they will fit perfectly when the time comes. The complete treatment takes from 2 to 3 years.

    In our Clinic we take care of our Patient through all of the treatment phases. Starting from orthodontia where we digitally plan the process through the surgery itself which includes post-operative care. During that process we also grant the care of our physical therapist.

    Our staff of orthodontists and surgeons are thoroughly prepared and educated. They have completed their trainings in the best Centers in the world. Professor Arnetta from USA, Professor Reyneke from South Africa, Professor Slaviczka from Austria, Professor Sato from Japan and a completed FACE training program (USA).
    We have the ability to visualize the final effect after completing the treatment. Our planning is based on many years of substantive cooperation with the Face-Clinic Centre in Warsaw.

    Below we present an exemplary gnostic defect treated in our Clinic with the help of graphic visualization of the process itself:

    Mandibular prognathism, micrognathia

    Maxillary prognathism (3rd skeletal class) often characterized by and overdeveloped mandible and underdeveloped upper jaw bone. Depending on the type of the defect we perform an osteotomy surgery on single or each of the bones with the possibility to adjust the chin. In the case of jaw underdevelopment, we perform surgically supported jaw enhancement. (SARPE, SARME).


    Mandibular prognathism (2nd skeletal class). This type of defect not only causes aesthetic problems but also bite ones and characterizes in predisposition to apnea and snoring which may negatively impact Patient’s overall health condition. Depending on the indications we perform osteotomy surgery on a single or both jaws with the possibility of chin enhancement.

    Skeletal open bite, Skeletal deep bite, facial asymmetry, alveolar smile

    These are the defects that can coexist with one another that require precise team treatment planning. Therapy protocol states that usually it consists of osteotomy of both jaws with the potential division on segments to achieve both balanced face aesthetic and proper biting conditions.


    Below we present our Medical Specialists, who will take care of you in our Clinic.

    Welcome to our Clinics!

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