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    Impladent Medical & Dental Clinic is one of the biggest, most modern, medical – dental Clinics in Poland. What sets us apart is nearly 20 years of experience in performing complex implantological and prosthetic tasks, specialistic surgical operations and the ability to carry out a treatment both in offices and on operating blocks with the use of general anesthesia. Currently we can offer you brand new services: “teeth in one day on implants”, oral and maxillofacial surgery, treatment in narcosis, aesthetic medicine. Photon Laser with variable wavelength grants us new possibilities not only for dental treatment but also in the field of aesthetic medicine and snore treatment. For years Impladent has been an indicator of modernity, precision and work ethic combined with the safety of our patients.

    We make sure that our equipment and instruments are sterilized or disposable. We are equipped with the complete set of sterilized instruments from the German manufacturer “Melag”. It allows us to follow the standardized procedures such as automated cleaning, packing and sterilization with electronic monitoring of each and every step. “

    Complete range of equipment for radiology diagnostics which include two Carestream – Kodak CT Scanners. They allow us to illustrate the whole scull with the ability to achieve an accurate 3D image with the lowest dosage of radiation. With the use of 3D tomography, we can easily plan surgeries on a microscopic level which ensures a positive outcome of the surgery. We are making the Simplant stencils. All of this contributes to the safety of our patients and perfecting the implantological treatment process.

    Our own surgical office equipped with the CAD-CAM technology line from the German manufacturer Sirona- Cerec guarantees the highest level of quality on each and every step. Connectors and implantological constructions are designed in our own workshop. The milling process itself is performed in Sweden which grants us the longtime warranty.

    But the most important part are the people who create Impladent. A team of carefully picked specialists. Our work is filled with passion and the effects of it are presented during various specialistic conventions, courses and in specialistic press.

    Trust our specialists and give yourself a chance for a new smile, new face and new quality of life.

    Magdalena i Adam Ziemlewscy


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    • Gdańsk Clinic

      ul. Kartuska 312,
      80-125 Gdańsk

      (+48) 58 691-71-47
      (+48) 501-155-036

    • Kowale Clinic

      ul. Andromedy 3,
      80-180 Kowale

      (+48) 58 691-71-47
      (+48) 501-155-036

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