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MD, PhD Anna Urbaniak

MD, PhD Anna Urbaniak

MD, PhD Anna Urbaniak

Orthodontics specialist.

A graduate of the Medical Academy in Gdansk. A long-time research and teaching worker at the Chair of Orthodontics at the Medical University of Gdansk.
Experience gained during courses, congresses and trainings as well as many years of practical implementation of complicated orthodontic defects gives the possibility of treatment with the best recognized methods.

She has experience in the treatment of complex defects requiring cooperation with a surgeon, which greatly expands the possible orthodontic treatments for comprehensive treatment such as corticotomies, orthodontic implants and orthognathic surgery.

She is passionate about modern endodontic treatment using dental microscope, aesthetic dentistry as well as prosthetics and implant prosthetics. She always sets high goals in her work.

MD, PhD Anna Urbaniak


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