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    We will restore the confidence in your smile

    • Orthodontic specialists with many years of clinical experience
    • Direct cooperation with Doctor of other specializations
    • Thousands of satisfied Patients after smile metamorphosis
    • All required technologies in just one place
    • Precise treatment planning
    • Metal and aesthetic dental braces
    • Invisible detachable braces Invisalign
    • Adjustable dental braces

    A beautiful smile is certainly an asset with school, work or private relations.

    We believe that it is never too late for a beautiful smile. We offer you a professional orthodontic treatment. It can be done in any age with a slight medical requirements adjustment. Orthodontic treatment not only improves the esthetics of a smile but also prevents decay, teeth abrasion, paradonthosis and problems with temporomandibular joints. In the early years of life orthodontic treatment has a significant impact on children’s speech improvement, proper chewing and food ingestion and what follows correct development of a young organism. Malocclusion can also lead to insecurities and self-consciousness. Dental braces currently are a reason to be proud off and it shows that a person takes care of themselves. Proper teeth positioning slows down the face’s aging process which improves its look. Orthodontic treatment oftentimes is connected with prosthetic correction of a smile so that the final effect is durable and satisfactory.

    During first consultation orthodontist notes your requests, resolves any doubts and picks the right treatment method and the type of dental braces. Then he conducts a thorough assessment. All additional examinations such as x-ray photos, molds or diagnostic scans all can be done in our Clinic. Our orthodontic specialist will prepare an individual treatment plan. Orthodontic treatment consists of proper teeth positioning with the use of braces. It takes about 2 years and requires consultation every 6 to 8 weeks. During the first phase teeth are shifted until they have reached their proper position and malocclusion is cured. What follows is the retention phase which holds teeth in their new position as they tend to go back to their previous placement. After reinforcing the effects the treatment can be finished although in most of the cases it is recommended to apply teeth strengthening retention.

    Orthodontic treatment in our Clinic meets the highest, world-class standards thanks to the experience and knowledge of our staff of Specialists who are equipped with the most advanced technologies.

    It is a permanently attached system which works for the whole duration of the treatment, this method ensures precise results. Clamps used in braces can be made of metal and this solution grants a variety of customization options such as colorful rubbers on the brace’s arcade. They can also be esthetically pleasing, perfectly matched to the color of teeth. Permanent dental braces allow for precise teeth adjustment and malocclusion correction. Depending on the scale of the problem the duration of the treatment can span from 1 year to 2, 5 years.

    Self-ligating dental braces

    These are the modern dental braces which present new treatment possibilities. Thanks to its unique structure these type of braces are more comfortable for the Patient and better looking as well. Clamps glued to the tooth’s surface have special flaps which means that there is no need to attach the rubber bands to hold the brace’s arcade. Those clamps are flat, round and less standing out from the surface of the tooth which makes them very comfortable.

    Detachable dental braces

    These are the type of braces which the Patient can take out any time he wants. It is the best option for our children. Using this method positively influences bone growth within the oral, jaw bone and mandible area. Also they prevent from malocclusion from happening that is why it is best to wear them at a young age.

    Detachable braces should be worn for a couple of hours during the day and in the night, depending on the doctor’s recommendations, that is why for the treatment to be effective self-discipline is required.

    Invisalign – invisible dental braces

    Modern orthodontics let us make our Patient’s dreams about a discreet braces come true. The treatment uses a specially designed transparent onlays (aligners). They are individually tailored to the teeth. We create the teeth adjustment plan and while designing the onlay, teeth movement is taken under consideration from the beginning to the finishing phase of the treatment. Duration of such treatment depends on the type of defect and Patient’s cooperation.

    Surgical – orthodontic treatment

    In case of complicated cases of facial skeleton disorder, cooperation between an orthodontist and a surgeon is necessary. We offer you the opportunity of a comprehensive treatment in our Clinic. Our specialistic care ranges from the planning phase till the treatment itself and continues post treatment through the rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

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