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Pediatric dentistry

Little ones with a smile on their face

  • A friendly office for the Youngest of Patients
  • Comfort and safety
  • Painless treatment in a kind atmosphere
  • We know the needs of our Little Patients
  • Laser treatment with no drilling
  • Availability of a comprehensive treatment with general anesthesia.

Pediatric dentistry is a specific area of stomatology because it concerns our Youngest Patients.

The Little Ones have our full attention and we strive to create a friendly place for them. We offer you treatment in any age in a specially equipped rooms so that they can feel comfortable. We know that our Little Patients have special needs that is why, the treatment is performed in a safe and comfortable environment. We listen and we understand our Little Patients and use any occasion to try and give them our time and patience.

We work with no rush and we try to stay calm. There is no need to force the treatment upon them. Our staff helps Children to regain their confidence and build their courage. The best recommendation for our Specialists are all of the beautiful smiles that appear after the treatment and a friendly bond. Our little Patients are more than welcomed to talk about their needs and concerns. We encourage them to explore the Clinic’s surroundings and ask any kind of questions.

We emphasize the meaning of adaptive visits and encourage parents to actively calm their children before the visit. There is no need to pass on the concerns and unpleasant memories onto our Children. The Little Ones easily assimilate Parent’s emotions so to honor that let’s give them a chance to explore the world of stomatology on their own.

We communicate with them in an understandable language.

We surround them with warm atmosphere and light sense of humor.

In the end they are rewarded with specially prepared prizes.

Our Pediatric Specialists are a source of knowledge for future and young Parents in the field of proactive care, hygiene and diet.

We also offer the possibility of treatment with general anesthesia. This option is aimed towards Kids with reduced capability of treatment in the Clinic. It concerns Patients who are especially afraid of visits and they are in urgent need of a treatment. Kids with severe afflictions are also affected because they are not allowed to be treated without anesthesia. During a procedure, which involves narcosis we can easily treat all of the teeth.

Your Children are under the care of our pediatric dentistry specialists, anesthetists and nurses. Procedures are carried out in operating rooms all of which meet the highest of standards.

We warmly welcome Parent’s and their Children to a place created especially for them.


Below we present our Medical Specialists, who will take care of you in our Clinic.

Welcome to our Clinics!

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