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    Snore treatment

    In Impladent Medical & Dental Clinic we offer you:

    • Staff of medical specialists
    • Snore and obstructive sleep apnea diagnostics
    • Respiratory tract assessment and bone skeleton with volumetric tomography
    • Sleep analysis through a smartphone
    • Orthodontic and prosthetic bite assessment – teeth abrasion and lack of them can intensify snoring
    • Individual treatment plan with snore elimination
    • Non-invasive laser treatment NightLase which increases throat tissue tension

    We have to keep in mind that only a proper problem recognition will allow us an effective treatment with the use of appropriate therapeutic methods.

    NightLase is a quick and non-invasive method of increasing the quality of your sleep. With the use of a laser we can decrease the apnea occurrences and the amplitude of snoring. The surgery itself does not require any anesthetics. The laser light heats up the tissue and then the collagen inside contracts which rigidifies the tissue itself. This action reduces the vibration of uvula and soft palate and minimizes the occurrences of apnea.

    The complete procedure consists of three separate surgeries within a period of couple of weeks and the results last up to a year.

    Snoring as a prevalent phenomenon and it can concern about 30% of the society. Snoring is the vibration of uvula and soft palate during sleep, predominantly in the indrawn breath phase. Those who snore may suffer from sleep apnea which is caused by the temporal cessation of lung ventilation. In some cases this occurrence may repeat itself hundreds of times during night time. It is a serious potentially life threatening sickness. Apnea is a repetitive airflow limitation which is caused by the descend of the soft tissue within the respiratory tract of the throat and the effect is loud snoring, temporary awakening, hypoxia and increased blood pressure. Thousands of Patients who are touched by apnea suffer from increased sleepiness, headaches and hypertension. There are more and more evidence that chronic apnea increases vulnerability to other diseases (hypertension, arrhythmia, diabetes) and a higher mortality rate. Those who are touched by it also suffer from lack of concentration, are nervous, tend to sleep during the day and may have impotency.

    Apnea is still a little-known problem, until now in Poland it was properly diagnosed within 10% of men and below 1% of women. It is estimated that just 4% of men and 2% of women would require medical attention from OBS.

    There may be many reason for snoring and sleep apnea. Obesity, anatomical obstacles (deviated nasal septum), allergic swelling, weakness and tenuity of soft palate and throat, anatomical placement of the maxillofacial structure, distoclusion, lack of teeth causing the lower jaw to collapse which results in throat isthmus during sleep.

    Such a number of potential reasons for snoring and apnea does not allow to formulate a proper diagnosis and treatment by just one Medical Specialist. It can be done after comparing the results of consultation and sleep analysis, however the number of Centers equipped to deal with such cases is not that big. The specialists that treat Patients who snore or suffer from apnea are laryngologists, general practitioners, pulmonologists, maxillofacial surgeons and dentists.

    Currently used treatments:

    • non-invasive NightLase laser procedure – tissue pressure intensification with Yag-Erb laser
    • laryngological throat or nose isthmus correction
    • implementing the CPAP apparatus (provides positive pressure within the respiratory tracts)
    • surgical osteotomy with maxillary or mandibular prognathism
    • prosthetic bite reconstruction on teeth or implants with the aim of proper positioning of the lower jaw
    • slimming, alcoholic abstinence

    In the Impladent Medical & Dental Clinic we can offer you innovative, comprehensive therapy which consists of:

    Diagnostic service

    Based on specialistic consultation with subject examination, respiratory tracts width assessment and jaw anatomy with volumetric tomography. It is recommended to use a smartphone application for sleep analysis. If needed our Patient is examined by Specialists from other fields and an individual treatment plan is being set up which will help to eliminate the probable causes of snoring.

    Therapeutic service

    Consisting of a combination of various therapies, depending on potential diagnosed reasons:

    • NightLase laser therapy increasing the throat tissue tension
    • laser Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty
    • orthodontic treatment
    • oral and maxillofacial surgery
    • implantological treatment
    • prosthetic treatment
    • stomatologic treatment

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