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    Comprehensive digital radiology diagnostics

    • We perform every type of picture (panoramic radiograph, cephalometric, dental)
    • High quality 3D tomography in both locations
    • Tomography with selectable picture size – whole skull, sinus, joints or teeth
    • Pictures taken by experienced radiation therapists
    • Apparatus with the lowest amount of X ray

    To ensure the comfort, detailed diagnosis and also a precise treatment we have equipped our Clinic with computer laboratories for radiological diagnostics. We have a full range of instruments for digital radiological diagnostics. Every kind of picture is archived in your medical card. At will we will prepare a picture on a CD.

    Computer CT scanner Kodak 9300 Premium

    With the ability to portray the whole skull as well as a little fragment of it so that we achieve precise, 3D images and the lowest dose of radiation.

    3D scanning

    It enables for a proper treatment plan with the precision of hundredth of a millimeter and eliminates the possibility of further complications. All of this serves the safety of our Patients and influences the long-time, excellent treatment results.


    Used for orthodontic diagnostics with automated drawing of cephalometric analysis.

    Radiovisiography – digital dental images

    Imaging of a singular enhanced tooth with a minimal dose of radiation. They are located within the dental offices so that it allows for a better control of endodontic treatment without the necessity of Patient leaving his comfortable chair.

    Panoramic Radiograph

    It is a general image of all of the teeth and the structure surrounding them: bones, mandibular sinuses and temporomandibular joints.


    Below we present our Medical Specialists, who will take care of you in our Clinic.

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