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    We work with:


    Preventative stomatology

    More than a perfectly conducted treatment

    • Complete diagnostics in one place
    • Equipment and materials of the highest quality
    • Possibility of laser treatment
    • Cavity rebuilding with Vanini method
    • Rebuilding process with CAD/CAM digital technology

    We offer you not only a perfectly carried out treatment. We try to create an atmosphere of cooperation with the Patient so that you can feel casual and comfortable in our Clinic.

    We welcome you to use our services of preventative and aesthetic stomatology.

    We have prepared a complex of extensively equipped rooms with the newest technologies where a staff of experienced, passionate and dedicated Specialists are waiting for you.

    During the first visit our doctor conducts an interview with the Patient and thoroughly examines teeth. We provide full diagnostic at our Clinic. We have the possibility to take all of the available types of required RTG photos, including 3D computer tomography. Topping it of is an intraoral camera which allows for a clearer picture of the oral cavity and better examination of treatment needs.

    For a better understanding of the treatment process you will get a print of the treatment plan and a cos estimate. We present all of the available treatment options and prepare an individual plan. We provide the possibility for a consultation from field of stomatology in one place.

    We try to make the treatment as smooth and as painless as possible in a comfortable atmosphere. We offer the option for regional anesthesia for most of the procedures, without any cos on Patient’s side.

    For those who are afraid of the stomatologist or have strong medical needs we have prepared the possibility for treatment with general anesthesia. After the consultation the Specialist prepares a treatment plan for an efficient use of the narcosis during the procedure and to cure as many teeth as possible.
    We also offer you the option of laser treatment.

    Treating decay with LightWalker laser is painless and allows to avoid teeth drilling, which many Patients are afraid of. High precision of a laser beam can greatly reduce impact of the procedure on the tissue affected by the disease. It allows for the structure of the tooth to remain unaffected. After using this method what is called a “second decay” does not appear because of the sanitizing properties of the laser beam. This method is best suited for those who are afraid of the stomatologist.

    Modern solutions give us the ability to reconstruct damaged teeth with the use of CAD/CAM digital technology. That is why in addition to traditional dental restoration we offer you inlay, onlay and overlay fillings. Their assets are durability and perfect shape. They can be made from a composite or porcelain. Thanks to intraoral scanners we have the ability to scan the cavity, send it then to the laboratory and in short time a complete tooth restoration in digital technology is prepared.

    To ensure you the comfort and the highest quality of services we have created our own laboratory of dental technology in our Clinic. We can also reconstruct the tooth in a traditional way. We make sure that all of the little details are taken under consideration so that the fillings look as natural as they can. We use the highest quality materials from the leading companies. Their visual properties imitate the looks of a natural tooth while preserving the highest quality and esthetics of the dental filling.

    Welcome to our Clinics!

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