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  • Precise diagnostics
  • Experienced staff of Specialists
  • Unique temporomandibular joint therapy
  • Physiotherapy improving regeneration and healing – before and after surgical treatment
  • Modern physiotherapy equipment – lasers, ultrasounds, electrotherapy
  • Manual therapy on a world-class level

Temporomandibular joint, just as any other may be submitted to diseases and injuries. Its proper functioning is guaranteed by cooperative work and dysfunction may cause discomfort, articular disc skipping or problems with closing or opening the mouth.

Untreated dysfunction may lead to overload, inflammation or degenerative changes within the joint tissue. Firstly those symptoms firstly can concern only one joint but in time it may happen in both of them.

Please remember that an early formulated diagnosis helps to avoid intensification of those unpleasant illnesses.

We offer you

Unique manual therapy of temporomandibular joints in which we use the soft tissue therapy (deep massage), fascial therapy, joint and soft tissue mobilization, trigger points therapy. Thanks to manual therapy our Patients has a chance for full recovery and to minimize the recurrence of the disease. After each visit Patient receives a set of exercises and recommendations.

In our Clinic we also perform manual lymphatic drainage, which helps to restore patency within and allows for a proper tissue healing process and reduces the risk of post-treatment complications. Thanks to this method it is possible to preventive inflammatory, absorptive, and congestive or oncotic swelling and increased removal of metabolic conversion remains. Medical taping is a highly efficient and enjoyable supportive option. We use this method as a lymphatic drainage preservation. It is based on sensory appliance of a specially constructed patch to fully utilize the organism’s compensatory capabilities. Those patches improve microcirculation, activate lymphatic system in effect reducing the swelling and speeding up the healing process.

Depending on the effect that we want to achieve, there are various techniques to be used such as: Muscle, ligament, fascial, lymphatic, functional and correctional.

We also offer you a wide range of physiotherapeutic treatments. Applying different forms of physical energy in stomatology is a vital addition to Patient’s treatment, especially with complications in the motor system of masticatory apparatus. Physiotherapy focuses mostly on soothing the pain symptoms, relaxing the muscles of stomatognathic system, tissue regeneration and creating Patient’s positive psychophysical effect.

Using the same physiotherapeutic stimulants in proper series enhances the compensatory mechanisms, triggering self-healing reaction. Treatments are done separately or in a combination, depending on the recommendations. The type of treatment, its duration and series are customized individually for every Patient. In our offer there are laser biostimulation, electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy treatments available.

Among the indicators for diagnostics and physiotherapy we can distinguish the following symptoms:

  • Pain symptoms within joint area
  • Teeth clenching and grinding
  • Dental abrasion
  • Acoustic symptoms
  • Skipping within the joint area
  • Problem with mouth opening and closing
  • Neck, head and face ache
  • Otic hum
  • Teeth and prosthetic work decay

Oftentimes those symptoms are mistaken for other diseases. Patient arriving to our Clinic is thoroughly examined, which enables us to exclude extra-articular causes. We welcome Patients with the aforementioned symptoms to contact with physiotherapist and a doctor who specializes in temporomandibular joint therapy. A quickly instigated treatment and cause removal will eliminate the illness and shield the Patient from its further development.

Additional indications for physiotherapy are:

  • Post-traumatic condition within the maxillofacial area
  • Degenerative changes and rheumatic diseases
  • Preparation for maxillofacial surgical procedure
  • Face swelling
  • Postoperative condition within the maxillofacial area

Main reasons for joint dysfunction are:

  • Hypermobility
  • Abnormal occlusion
  • Untreated injuries within the maxillofacial and spine cervical section
  • Improper joint structure and bad posture
  • Vision and hear defect
  • Rheumatic disease
  • Peripheral and central nervous system disease
  • Incorrectly performed dental treatment in the past

We provide a comprehensive temporomandibular joint therapy, individually customized to your needs.


Below we present our Medical Specialists, who will take care of you in our Clinic.

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