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    Narcosis and hospital

    Safety and comfort

    • Teeth treatment with the use of general anesthesia (narcosis) – children and adults
    • Operative procedure, implantological surgery as well as prosthetic ones, each painless and without fear
    • Single rooms for a one-day hospital stay
    • Complete safety and fully equipped operating block
    • experienced anesthetic staff

    Safety and comfort of our Patient are a priority for us. In our Clinic there is a possibility to carry out the most complex procedures with the use of general anesthesia from the fields of dental and maxillofacial surgeries as well as conservative dentistry treatments such as teeth decay or prosthetics for example teeth polishing for prosthetic filling.

    With us, your dreams of achieving a beautiful face and smile will come true. And we will make it possible whilst maintaining the highest comfort and safety standards.

    Narcosis is the solution that ensures the extensiveness of the treatment to the Patient’s that are sensitive to pain or are stressed out before the dental treatment or the dental surgery. With the help of narcosis, we provide comfort and the feeling of safety.
    Stomatology with the use of general anesthesia is dedicated to the youngest of our Patients, for whom a visit to the dentist may cause some nerves or even fear. It is also recommended when a large number of cavities that may endanger our little one’s health have to be treated all at once.

    During the first consultation visit which always precedes the surgery with general anesthesia our Doctor of Medical Dentistry thoroughly examines and interviews the Patient in terms of present and past afflictions, past surgeries and currently prescribed pharmaceuticals. It gives us a clear view of any contradictions and Patient’s individual conditions.

    Our Patient also receives an anesthesiological survey and a referral for laboratory examination, both of which should be returned no later than day before the surgery along with the doctor’s order for before and after surgery periods. Before the treatment anesthetist consults the results of examination and then proceeds to qualify the Patient for the surgery.

    After the injection of anesthetic the Patient falls asleep and is no longer subject to unpleasantness connected to the surgery. During the procedure our Patient is under the care of an experienced and qualified team of dental anesthesiologists, which consists of anesthetic doctor, anesthetic nurse, dentistry doctor and his assistant. Qualified and cooperating team of specialists equipped with the highest quality instruments ensures carrying out the surgery with the use of general anesthesia in the safest and most efficient way. This kind of procedure is considered to be very safe, given that it will be performed by qualified personnel. Impladent is the only non-public facility in Tri-city which has a complete set of anesthesiological tools and offers such range of services.

    The cost of surgery with the use of general anesthesia depends on the duration of the procedure itself and the range of procedure which have been planned for our Patient. The price takes under account the one day stay in the Clinic and doctors and anesthesiological nurse care as well. After qualifying our Patient for the surgery with general anesthesia a detailed cost and treatment estimate is created.

    After the surgery we provide round-the-clock doctor and nurse care. We offer comfortable, air-conditioned, single post-operative rooms with private bathroom, TV and Wi-Fi in which until full recovery the Patient is under our care. We guarantee full surveillance and safety of a hospital. When the applied anesthetics wear off, our Patient after consultation can leave our Clinic with the help of accompanying person and return back home.


    Below we present our Medical Specialists, who will take care of you in our Clinic.

    Welcome to our Clinics!

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