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    Laser therapy in dentistry

    Cutting-edge procedures

    • Photon lasers (premium class) guarantees a safe treatment
    • 3 types of lasers Erb: YAG, Nd: YAG, Diode – hard and soft laser.
    • Painless laser terebration
    • the most effective canal sterilization in endodontic treatment
    • clearing changes on skin and mucosa
    • periodontitis and periimplantitis treatment
    • face rejuvenation

    Lasers are being used in stomatology more often. It is the most advanced technology that supports the work of a stomatologist. At our disposal we have different type of lasers with variable wavelengths which allows us to work within the hard tissue (teeth, bone) and soft tissue (gum, skin).

    High energy lasers with Er:YAG, Nd:YAG crystals and diode ones grant us access to apply various treatments which cannot be performed with traditional methods. With their use procedures are precise and painless. There are many lasers on the market to choose from, but those of highest quality are the ones that give us full control of work parameters. It positively influences the quality and safety of the treatment.

    Cavity treatment for children and adults

    Cavity treatment with the use of LightWalker laser is painless and it does not require teeth drilling which so many Patients are afraid of. High precision of the laser beam can reduce the impact on the healthy structure of the tooth while working around the cavity. After the dental laser treatment there is no such thing as what is called the second decay due to cavity laser disinfection. This method is perfectly suited for patients who are afraid of the dentist.

    Periodontitis treatment

    Until now, disinfecting with a low-energy diode laser has been the standard for supporting the treatment of periodontitis. Currently we have implemented an innovative method called TwinLight TPT. In this therapy we use hard erbium and neodymium lasers.

    It has been scientifically proven that this method is the most beneficial to healing conditions of periodontium changes by excision of changed by disease epithelial tissue padding of the periodontium pocket. Also, in removing the plaque from the surface of the roots and closing the pocket with a stable fibrinous clot. Using this type of procedure is efficient when it comes to treating periodontal conditions in various stages without surgical interferences.

    It is also the only effective method of treating tissue inflammation with implants.

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    Hypersensitiveness treatment

    Hypersensitiveness of the enamel is always a discomfort for the Patient. Traditional therapies are based on closing the dentinal tubule with fluoric varnish. Laser treatment is a solution that eliminates this condition entirely. LightWalker laser therapy is quick and brings the long-awaited relief.

    Root canal treatment. (endodontic)

    TwinLight Endodontic Treatment support root canal procedure with the use of a microscope. It lets us remove the radicular pulp from the side canals where even the smallest of instruments cannot reach. Light energy grants deep disinfection of root canal walls.

    This particular method uses the laser energy to create a photoacoustic shock waves. The impact of a shock wave within a solution cleansing the root canal, causes the side branching to be cleared and the dentinal tubule is opened up while removing the fluidal layer. During the second stage a deeply penetrating radial beam provides an effective disinfection of the root canal with the success rate of 99,82% and reaches ten times deeper compared to the traditional methods.

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    Dental surgery and implantology

    Surgeries with the use of a laser can be performed with even greater precision, bleeding is reduced and photomodulation acts as a painkiller and enhances the healing process. Laser can be used for uncovering implants, treating unerupted teeth, crown extension or even frenuloplasty.

    TouchWhite Laser whitening

    OPatented whitening system TouchWhite is based on Er:Yag wavelength. It is a quick and minimally invasive laser based method of teeth whitening which provides great surgical effects and lowered post-operative hypersensitivity. Thanks to high whitening gel absorption the laser beam is completely absorbed and does not penetrate the soft tissue or the teeth pulp. All of the laser’s energy is being used for gel photoactivation.


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